Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Latest: Mint Moment Pump It up Jacket, Root Chakra Pants, Run: Right Round Pants and More

Pump It Up Jacket, Mint Moment, Not So Basic Gym Tee
I'm feeling more tempted to try this jacket on again. 

 Pump It Up Jacket with Pump It Up Short, Pump It Up Tank

 Mint Moment Pump It Up Jacket with 

 Work It Out Tank and Root Chakra Pants

Pump It Up Tank and Pants
 Pump It Up Tank and Pump It Up Pants

 Run: Right Round Pant with Techni Cool Long Sleeve

 Root Chakra Pant
 Work It Out Tank


  1. Sorry...but all these new items are absolutely HIDEOUS! I'm soooo disappointed in Lulu :(

  2. Yucky Yucky Yucky! I do hope the Sr. management team at Lulu is watching the social media response to their designs this past year... My purchase's have taken a nose dive! I am enjoying shopping my closet and reminiscing about what once was was... I used to spend 30 mins or longer perusing the Lulu merchandise at my local stores...now I walk in and I am like "Meh" and I walk out...! Lulu pls come back soon!