Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lab Night Tight, Special Edition Tie Dye Swiftly, Meesh Skirt, 105F Singlet in Jewelled Magenta, Open Your Heart Tank and More

Lab Night Tight, Special Edition Swiftly SL Tie Dye

Lab Night Tight, 105F Singlet in Jewelled Magenta

Peplum Tank is back, Lab Night Tight

Meesh Skirt

Great Granite Cool Racerback, Tech Mesh Tights

Swiftly SL Special Edition Tie Dye

Bruised Berry Cool Racerback paired with Great Granite Print Speed Shorts

105F Singlet, Jewelled Magenta

Open Your Heart Tank

Mail Day! Heathered Mid Grey Tuck And Flow LS

Yay!! My Heathered Mid Grey Tuck And Flow LS arrived and I absolutely love it. Initially I ordered it because my preferred colors of Opal and Cadet Blue never uploaded and Heathered Mid Grey was the consolation prize that I wasn't sure I'd keep. I thought it maybe was too light and boring but when it arrived I noticed right away that it was a bit softer than Heathered Bruised Berry, and maybe slightly thinner. Also, the grey is really pretty with flecks of white in the pattern and it looks like a true sport grey which pairs so nicely with Jewelled Magenta next to it. You can easily size down in these if wide lats are not a problem for you, but I like staying TTS because my lats have broadened and also I just really like the oversized slouchy look of them. It makes it so much easier to put on after a sweaty workout when the arms and shoulders aren't so snug. 

Tie Dye Swiftly SL Special Edition, Jewelled Magenta 105F Singlet, Great Granite Pairings

I can't remember if we've seen pictures of the special edition Tie Dyed Swiftly SL before this one.

Jewelled Magenta 105F Singlet
I though the next two photos show how well Great Granite actually does pair with solid bright colors. I had been dreaming of a Great Granite Print Energy Bra paired with the Jewelled Magenta 105F Singlet. 

Bruised Berry 105F Singlet also pairs well with Great Granite Print. 

Savasana Wrap Coming Next Week

heylululemon released another sneak peek of the Savasana Wrap which is due to drop next week. Its coming in two versions, Angel Wing/Ground Dip Dye Deep Zinfandel and Black Dip Dye Cadet Blue Ground

Seawheeze 2014 Apparel Preview

Last night was a Seawheeze 2014 launch party for head office where they modelled some of the apparel, and chose a race announcer. Fun times!

Lots of Black/White Graphic print, and that pretty blue, pale pink and apple green and that red seen in the first photo will also belong to the women's line. We haven't seen many photos at all of the CRB's but I think the CRB's will be the winners in the collection. 

 I wonder if the top the girl with the inspires is wearing is part of the collection. 

I think this is the Tone It Up Tank

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Great Granite CRB, Jewelled Magenta 105F Singlet, Run For Fun Crops in Black Camo, Bring Back The Track Jacket and More

Great Granite paired with Bruised Berry Wee Stripe Run For Fun Crops

Black Camo Run For Fun Crops, peek of Jewelled Magenta 105F Singlet
 Weightless Crew

Weightless Crew with Black Camo Run For Fun Crops

Bring Back The Track Jacket in Flowabunga and Great Granite

Great Granite Mojave Wunder Unders

The Latest: Great Granite CRB, Inspires and Bring Back The Track Jacket, Scuba Hoodies, Jewelled Magenta and More

I know this Great Granite Print isn't everyones cup of tea, but the more photos I see of it the more I like it. It'll be interesting to see how it sells. I find a lot of times when there is negative talk on the facebook groups about a certain print, I get persuaded that a print maybe isn't so great, but then it is wildly popular outside of the vacuum that is those groups. Its so easy to get persuaded one way or the other about a print but you need to decide for yourself if a print speaks to you. One example is the old Unicorn Tears print back in 2011. People went CRAZY for that print and that is a print I never really cared for it. Secret Garden got a lot of negative talk but I LOVE that print and its probably one of my most favourites ever. 

Great Granite Mojave Tank Cool Racerback
I like it paired with that Free To Be Bra

Great Granite Print Run Inspire Crops with black 105F Singlet

Bring Back The Track Jacket

Bring Back The Track Jacket, Granite Inspire Crops

The newest Scuba Hoodies

Jewelled Magenta WAFS Cool Racerback

Heathered Jewelled Magenta Swiftly SL