Thursday, March 5, 2015

Britt's Picks: Swim 2015 Edition

Katelin's Britt's Picks is all swim this week and features the swim gear that you can see in action in my post earlier today which includes the sneak peek video. I'm loving the Surf To Sand Tie Top in Plum Peach, the Surf To Sand Booster in Dragonfly (would get that in Black Cherry) and the Surf To Sand Boyshort and the Surf Shorts

Fit Review: Groove Pant II Roll Down

My Groove Pants from Monday's upload just arrived and I'm torn. I really like them a lot but I also feel that they are really flashy because of the heahtered black and I'm not sure If I'd wear them. I'm so used to wearing Wunder Unders and other similar leggings that a boot cut style is definitely something to get used to. These are my TTS 10 and they feel really nice on and are opaque. The roll down waist, as always, is awesome. All pants should be a compressive high waist. What do you guys think?

Lululemon Spring 2015 Swim Sneak Peek

Loving this Black Cherry top piped with contrasting colors

I love this pink one too. 

These fuller bottoms are very promising.

Mesh With Me Short Sleeve, Fatigue Fog On The Daily Hoodie, Chevron Ebb To Street Pants

Ebb To Street Pant Chevron, If You're Lucky Long Sleeve

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