Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Secret Garden Pace Queen Tight, Pineapple Embossied Wunder Unders, Mat To Street Pant, Coastal Tank, Cashew/White Cool Racerback

Pip Dream Blue Cool Racerback, and Secret Garden Pace Queen Tight (I think its Pace Queen)

Coastal Tank

Embody Crops

Clear Mint No Limit Tank

Cashew/White Cool Racerback with Mat To Street Pant

Pineapple Embossed Wunder Unders

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More Of The Latest: Newest Cool Racerbacks,Mint Moment No Limit Tank and Power Y, Ujjayi Bra and Crops and More

Mint Moment No Limit Tank with Ujjayi Crops

Mint Moment Deauville Stripe Power Y

Ujjaiy Bra with Embody Crops

The newest Cool Racerbacks; Pipe Dream Blue, Heathered Cashew/White, Pop Pink Light, Secret Garden Multi

The Mint Moment Ujjayi Bra underneath a Cool Racerback (Pipe Dream Blue)

Pineapple Embossed Wunder Under Pants with Antidote 105F Singlet

Secret Garden Multi Run Inspire Crops

Pineapple Pants Embossed Print Wunder Unders

New Color, Blue Tropics! And The Latest

Blue Tropics is just being introduced in Australia at the moment but we will be seeing this color come to North America. 

Ujjayi Bra

Ujjayi Bra and Crops, Coastal Tank

Mint Moment No Limit Tank

Heathered Cashew/White Cool Racerback

Swim line popping into some stores.